Jay Watkins Fishing Club Information

The Jay Watkins Fishing Club is an on-line subscription service which offers it's members 24 / 7 access to the following information:

  1. Online access to over 12 month's of Jay's Daily Fishing Journal.
  2. The ability to SEARCH the entire Fishing Journal for key phrases such as a location you would like to know about
  3. Mobile access to the most recent journal entries via your smart phone
  4. Advance notice of posting of new Booking Calendar months
  5. Priority response to email and phone messages

Membership dues for new members are $895 per year and the number of members each year is limited.

To join the Fishing Club Waiting List, click on the following button:

On May 31st each year, the waiting list is cleared to give everyone an opportunity to improve their position on the waiting list for the next year.