jaywatkins.com GAMEPLAN CLUB
What is the GAMEPLAN CLUB?
As a member of the jaywatkins.com GAMEPLAN CLUB, you will be able to view Jay's fishing journal for each specific day that you select from a menu of the 10 most recent "Gameplan Worthy" entries in his journal. Only those entries which Jay has decided have significant information for developing your own gameplan for your next fishing trip appear in the menu.

Members of the GAMEPLAN CLUB are able to:
  • Purchase as few as 3 or as many as 10 "Gameplan Days" with a single on-line transaction. (A "Gameplan Day" is the extremely detailed information that Jay records in his Fishing Journal at the end of each day of fishing.)
  • View as many or as few "Gameplan Days" as they desire. (Many times a single Gameplan Day is sufficient to devise your personal game plan for your next fishing trip.)
  • Know before selecting a specific "Gameplan Day" whether Jay considers that day to be "Gameplan Worthy". ( "Gameplan Worthy" means that Jay has personally indicated that he believes the entry contains a significant fishing report for that day. )
  • View any of their personally selected Gameplan Days at any time and as many times as desired for one full year.
  • Access their account and view Gameplan Days both from their personal computer and from their smart phone.
How does the GAMEPLAN CLUB work?
You may take a "test drive" by clicking on the following button:
How do I join the "Gameplan Club"?
You automatically become a member by purchasing any of the following options:
  • OPTION 1: Your choice of any 3 Gameplan Days for $75 (equates to $25 per day)
  • OPTION 2: Your choice of any 10 Gameplan Days for $200 (equates to $20 per day)
The specific "Gameplan Days" you want to view can be selected anytime up to one year after the date of your purchase.

You may purchase on-line by clicking on the following button to place your order: