** NEWS **
I had hoped that this update would be letting everyone know that we are open for business. Truth is, due to some manufacturing issues out of my contractor's control, we are still waiting on security and a few other small details. As frustrating as it is for us, it is what it is and we just have to hope that we get what we need this next week. I want to thank all of you that have reserved units and continue to support our efforts to bring something a little  different in the way of boat storage. As a 41 year veteran in the fishing business (you notice I did not say expert), I bring true experience and advice to those wanting to become better anglers as well as expert advice on your boating needs. You never know when you might be cleaning your boat or getting ice and I might be there with a little tip for the day.Those renting at WATKINS LANDING will become another part of our fishing family. if becoming a more successful angler is a portion of your desires as well as seeking boat storage, you've come to the right place.  Watkins Landing is a state of the art boat and RV storage facility run by a local family that understands fishing and boating. I honestly don't know much about RVs but do know that the summer South Texas sun is not good for them. Please click on the 'Join Waiting List' button and sign up for our waiting list if you are interested in renting a unit from us. By doing this I will be able to communicate via email or text  with you and  you  will be one step closer to becoming a resident of Watkins Landing. We appreciate your patience during the final stages of completion.
Thank you,
Jay and Renee Watkins
We are located at 1622 12th Street, Rockport TX (at the Hwy 35 Bypass intersection).
If you're interested and think you would like to be a part of my fishing family and want to get on our list for a unit please e-mail me at jay@jaywatkins.com or text me at 361-463-1074.